OUR History

AVEENIR is an Information Technology company that was established with the goal of contributing to the ICT sector in Bangladesh through the provision of digitalization and automation services. The company's journey began in 2012 as BLUECORE SOFT, later rebranded as TEZZERACT in 2015, and then finally, in 2016, launched the first web-based lifestyle magazine in English under the brand identity of AVEENIR. The company came to operate under the AVEENIR brand officially in 2018.


Starting a business comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles. However, the journey of overcoming these challenges has made the entrepreneurs behind AVEENIR more self-reliant and equipped them with valuable skills and experience that could not have been gained through theoretical study alone.

AVEENIR began with a small team of innovative developers, designers, and IT professionals. Over time, this team has grown in both size and skill, and has established itself as a reputable and respected player in the international IT services market. The company has worked with clients from a variety of countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.


Empowering own resources through better utilization in ICT sectors to lead the global market and emerging tech world with productivity and sustainability.


Enabling people to be habituated to technology to optimize their work

Empowering talented IT experts in the global IT industry

Providing IT solutions with tech awareness among the mass people

Providing IT solutions with tech awareness among the mass people

Finding out new work opportunities for Bangladesh Youth in the IT sector

Innovating new technology and software solutions for making people’s life easier

Contributing through training the aspiring youth in this emerging IT industry

Minimizing the misuse of technology through proper awarenes

Our Exceptionality

  • Our commitment is to assure quality services & products with client satisfaction. This reflects in the company's online-offline communication with all stakeholders including the clients & the employees.
  • We do not believe in over-promising or setting unachievable expectations. We would like to suggest you realistic solutions according to your demand rather than flying in the sky without feathers.
  • We are exceptional in a way because we believe that we can provide any kind of customized solutions for you as we are up to date with the diversified tech world.
  • We are energetic, enthusiastic, realistic, trustworthy, devoted, and 04 confident to reach our vision.


  • We have a heart of faith devoted to prayer, and spiritual growth and respect all religions.
  • Our first priority is to serve our clients by providing the best solutions as per their capacity and capability.
  • We remain faithful and steadfast in our commitment to serving the communities in which we work.
  • We follow our ICT rules and follow our country’s laws and we have not been accused of any kind of ICT allegation.
  • We are honest, open, trustworthy, and accountable in all our dealings with all stakeholders, partners, and clients.
  • We show honor, love, affection, respect, and compassion to all people, no matter their circumstances or background.
  • We are committed to listening, developing relationships, and responding in dealings and service pro
  • e did not support and allow any kind of illegal activities that hampers our country’s sovereignty and become the cause of violation against the government policies and law and enforcement agency’s guidelines.