• Aveenir IT has introduced a comprehensive business automation program to Bangladesh for the first time. The company provides the necessary technical and intellectual support to help businesses start up and run successfully.
  • Under the brand guidelines service, the Aveenir IT creative team will determine the best theme color for your company, design a company logo, and create other graphical elements such as company pads and visiting cards.
  • The technical team will build an impressive website that serves as a dependable platform for selling products online. The marketing team will develop the best marketing plan to brand and sell the product. The SEO team will optimize the website for search engines so that it can be easily found.
  • The digital marketing team will analyze the market and come up with an effective social media marketing plan. The creative team will design appealing posts continuously according to the plan and the digital marketing team will strategically boost these posts to gain the most reach and maximum sales.
  • The management team will ensure the highest performance of employees with the right HR policies. The technical team will assist the management with automation software such as account management and ERP solutions.
  • The customer support team will take care of all customer complaints to keep the business running smoothly. With its services and technical expertise, Aveenir